Sugar Snap Pea produces fat, dark green pods that are nice and sweet.
 Sugar Snap Pea is crunchy pods are excellent for eating cooked or raw.

Snap Pea (12" Pot with Cage)

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Product Description

Sugar Snap produces fat, dark green pods that are nice and sweet. The crunchy pods are excellent for eating cooked or raw. The plant has vigorous climbing vines that are best trellised, and will easily grow to 2m (6’) or more in good soil. Sugar Snap peas are one of the easiest vegetables for new gardeners to work with as they produce regular fruit in the early season and don’t require a lot of effort. Sugar Snap is not resistant to the enation virus that can spread in coastal areas by mid-summer, however, it is a great early-season producer.
This plant is a high-yielding variety that will produce clusters of fruit throughout the season.
This variety is good for the Patio but is best planted in your Garden.

 Product Details

  • Size: 12" Pot plus 16” tall plastic cage
  • Variety: Sugar Snap
  • Habit: InDeterminate (Plant continues to grow even after fruit are established)
  • Fruit Size: 3” long
  • Days to Maturity: 62-70 days
  • Light: Full Sun
  • Watering: Water the plant regularly to ensure it does not dry out. The plant will require significant water when it is producing fruit in the late summer heat.
  • Feeding: Fertilize until established, best done in slow-release or liquid form
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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Survival Guide

Plant Category
Plant Category: Annual
Plant Category
Plant Type: Fruit/Vegetable
Plant Usage
Plant Usage: Garden Bed
Plant Height
Height: 2m (6')
Plant Cold Tolerance
Cold Tolerant: No
Plant Watering
Water: Water daily on warm days, or until established in the garden
Plant Pot Size
Pot Size: 8"+
Plant Sun Exposure
Sunlight Exposure: Full Sun
flowering habit
Habit: Upright
Pet & Child Friendly
Pet/Child Friendly: Yes

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